01/02/2017: Winnie the Pooh on Community Organizing

“Now,” said Rabbit, “this is a Search, and I’ve Organized it–”

“Done what to it?” said Pooh.

“Organized it. Which means–well, it’s what you do to a Search, when you don’t all look in the same place at once. So I want you, Pooh, to search by the Six Pine Trees first, and then work your way towards Owl’s House, and look out for me there. Do you see?”

“No,” said Pooh. “What–”

“Then I’ll see you at Owl’s House in about an hour’s time.”

“Is Piglet organdized [sic] too?”

“We all are,” said Rabbit, and off he went.

– A. A. Milne
The House at Pooh Corner
(New York: Puffin Books, 1956), pg. 40


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