04/26/2013: Love Soup

When you feel you are too busy
And a meal you must fix,
Get a kettle and some water
And add to it this mix.
Let it cook and simmer slowly
While you have your things to do.
And when you sit to eat it
Remember, I love you!

¼ cup dried split peas
¼ cup brown rice
¼ cup lentils (red or brown)
¼ cup barley
1TBSP dried parsley
1 TBSP beef bouillion
1 TBSP dried onions
¼ tsp lemon pepper (optional)
fill jar with macaroni (in a plastic bag so it can be removed easily)

Layer in a pint jar.

Congratulation on receiving a jar of “Love Soup”. It is edible. To prepare, begin with a pan of water, about 2 or 3 jars of water . You will want to keep the macaroni out until about 15 minutes before you serve. Add more water if it becomes too thick. To make it even more tasty, add a little ham, carrots and a splash of lemon juice. Enjoy.

– Janet R


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